App Idea #214

People love complaining. People also love being heard and valued.

Complaim (aiming a complaint) provides a service and a platform where users can complain about basically everything. Experiencing a bad service at a coffee shop, having trouble with the vacuum cleaner or noticing tiny design flaws which make a product less useful? With upvotes from other users your complaints can make a big impact and reach the right people. We are also inviting companies to centralising their complaint management and therefore being much closer to their customers.


In order to provide a reliable platform where many different user roles meets we need to make sure the technology behind all is in a solid state. Working with latest technology is one crucial step. The Design needs to be clear and easy to understand. Also the research phase, which will be very important since the complaining management of certain companies is very complex, needs to be known, in order to help making the process better.

quick ui prototype how I envision complaim

Technical specifications

Since I am a designer, I am in no position to fully grasp the overall technology stack in 2019. I only can say that I’d like to have some sort of a democratic interface like Reddit or Product Hunt.

Please contact me if you see potential and maybe even want to develop this idea any further