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On a more personal note

My son was tired and slept on my chest, on the backseat of our car. My wife, as the designated driver, turned into, with NYE leftover trash filled, main street. As we headed home from the NYE party I have organised in my office (no explosives nearby and roof view over the city) I realised a few things. I have no clue what’s next!

It takes time

My thinking goes like this: The new year is just the calendar saying there is a new year. But in reality it is nothing else than a new day. A human construct which is by the way not even uniformly adapted by every human. Chinese NYE is something else than Chanukka, for example.

Speaking from my individual perspective there is definitely room for improvement and now it’s the time to act. My wife had some health related challenges to overcome. The whole family was required to react to these circumstances. 2019 was a tough year. We have grown a lot. Everyone for themselves but we also have grown closer together as a family. In 2020 we want to make the most out of what we have learned from the last year. Stepping out of the react mode into the anticipate and act mode.

The blind spots

When it comes to acting there are some things that I am going to initiate in the next couple of days. These are the blind spots I have. There is, for example, building financial wealth. I have never been able to save much money, like I do today. But just putting it aside is not doing it. I plan to mothly invest in ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds). I figured it would be two different ETFs: 5G connectivity technology and digital health. Both will have a huge impact in the next 10 to 20 years, I presume. It still is a blind spot though. I am going to heavily research this topic in the next weeks in order to be a little more certain about the whole ETF thing.

Another blind spot is the uncertainty of our living situation. We now have 60qm (645sqf) room for three people. Looking for an apartment in Potsdam is kind of depressing. There is literally no vacancy and if a appealing appartment pops up there are hundreds of other people having the same problem. Finding affordable living space in Potsdam is no fun.

A thank you

I probably don’t know you but I want to thank you. You have read my first blog in 2020 and now we both share some thoughts. In such uncertain times it’s important to share thoughts, rather than mean words and threats. Let me know what you think!

We wish you all the best for the new year.

C., S., S.,