The energy data management software

The challenge was to build an interface, which can be easily used by a large number of people with a wide range of computer experience and the motivation to learn new things. This project is still ongoing. The main focus was to build an easy to use but powerful tool, which helps middle sized companies to analyse their data. In the end it helps the companies to reduce the electricity consumption and saving money.

After we built the whole software in Flex to just start the whole process and making some clients actually using the software the time has come to move forward. Moving from Flex to web development is a huge step forward for us. Now we’re capable to do much more cool stuff in the web browser than some years ago.

Since this software needs to work as a white label product we decided to develope a new user interface design for the sake of Modular and Systematic Interface Design

The challenge was to creating a simple software solution for complex data analysis processes. To archive that we held many ux workshops with all the required stakeholders and developers to meet the goals of this product. We eventually came up with good looking and easy to use interactions to simply put in, process and report data on electricity consumption.

Here are some insights into what we were cooking the last months:

Unfortunately active NDAs (like always, meh) preventing me showing the whole tool in its full glory.