The days before deep fake becomes a thing

Fakes of visual representations are not new. The first photo was faked 150 years before Photoshop existed. But the medium itself and how the fake is created has changed and certainly will have a huge impact on culture and society in general.

This post is insane

Reddit comments are often a great source of information. Even a small post from a random user can generate a wave of understanding for many other people reading the comments. When it comes to dystopian views, Reddit is also on the forefront in thinking and writing about a possible future scenarios. I like that very much. Since I joined the community some years ago it trained my creativity and I got a broader … Read entry

“Some people who rented vehicles never actually drove them”

I love everything about this story!

Car-sharing service operator Orix Auto Corp. couldn’t figure out what certain customers were doing with its rental cars. The service, with 230,000 registered users, realized around summer 2018 that some people who rented vehicles never actually drove them.

Turns out they use it for everything but driving!

“Usually the only place I can take a nap while visiting my clients is a cybercafe in front of the station, but renting a car to sleep in is just a few hundred yen (several dollars), almost the same as staying in the cybercafe.”

Rental car customer

People using this small private space in order to take nap, eating lunch or just get some quite rest. That … Read entry

Be agile, my friend

My workplace has this thing going on. Many of my colleagues are highly agile. They train others to be agile. Some of my colleagues are certified agile coaches. Scrum, lean, Kanban. The list of methods goes on. What looks like I’m trying to make my Blogpost more SEO friendly is in all honesty an approach to understand. I’d like to answer the question: Why aren’t we that lean in our daily basis? Let me explain..

Facebook has become a total shitshow. Everyone is aware of that. Everyone knows about at least one huge problem Facebook (and other social media websites) has. Data breaches, selling personal data to external companies, fuelling anti-human discussion styles and many other big problems. … Read entry