Forgetting Data

January 1, 0001
UX UI Desktop


We must admit! There is no way we can remember what files we have on our computer. Files which are more than outdated and many got just needles over time. Since physical storage space is super cheap and we do have a lot, we don’t see why we should keep track about all the files we own.

“ab|spe|cken” is a german term (slang) for “going on a diet”. It basically means “get rid of the flab”.

We going on a diet and eat healthier if we feel so. Why not keep that good attitude when it comes to our digital life? Do we really need the 10th copy of that PDF? Is it really necessary to keep all versions of a file we worked on? There is no need to be messy - with appspeck it’s easy to live a healthier digital life!


appspeck screenshot

You know when you don’t need your file anymore? Have an exact time, when a file can be deleted? Great! Set a timer and let appspeck kill it automatically! We’ll provide some presets for you to choose from. Don’t worry - you’ll always see what happens and be able to intervene if something is wrong!


appspeck screenshot

Set conditions for files. If a condition is true then do something with it. Get rid of the speck the creative way. How does your download folder looking, just now? Could go on a diet, eh? We already imagined awesome things and collected them for you to choose from as presets. As always, you’ll be safe with every decision.

We love the spotlight

appspeck screenshot

Spotlight got even more powerful! You now have easy and fast access to all the files, associated with appspeck. Don’t lose track of your specked files. Jump right into the appspeck folder or let spotlight tell you instantaneously which files are due soon.

This concept was mentioned at the republica ten