UX Co-Creation Workshop

September 8, 2016

Workshop in Fulda

The first encounter

Inviting users, stakeholder and developers to work together on the product can have a great effect on the products user experience.

Together we take a look for the highly diverse challenges certain user have while working with the product. We leave our own point of view and look, listen and feel what other people are experiencing. With the playful and goal oriented character of my Co-Creation Workshops I get everyone to contribute.

Workshop in Fulda

Let’s work together

First I make a short introduction into what UX and UI actually means, how it can help to make the product better and why it is so darn important. In a short analysis I create a bucketlist of small UI changes that can be done very quickly. These small changes can already make a tremendous step forward in terms of User Experience.

Co-Creation means we are working together on the product. We take one big challenge and creating a use case from it. We then writing down - step by step - all the touchpoints a user might have to reach their goal. Splitting the use case into several microinteractions helps to gaine a more detailes view on certain challenges. We then discuss obstacles and finding solutions.

Workshop in Fulda

Goals and Follow Ups

To make sure we are heading in a good direction it’s mandatory to make follow ups and something like a roadmap. With pointing out the problems and challenges we only took the very first steps in making the product better for everyone. Now it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page and we meet again to update the findings and goals.

The most important thing is having fun and meeting the goals.