That App from 2014

Yesterday night I got bored. It was a Sunday. My Wife and Son were already sleeping. TV was not an option since the next episode of Star Trek Discovery only airs on Fridays. My current book was out of reach (bedroom). What else to do? I recently got myself a new phone (Huawei P20 if anyone needs to know) and since then I strive to make that thing my own by installing apps and fiddling with the UI. Perfect situation for again checking if my phone has all the apps I definitely don’t need in a trillion years. Browsing the Google Play Store I stumbled across the Walter Wear Optimization App. It’s an

“Application for optimising usable life of cemented carbide cutting tools via wear identification”.

Google Play Store

Sounds boring? (pun intended)Back in 2014 I was studying Interfacedesign at the University of Applied Science in Potsdam and did my one semester long internship at Intuity in Stuttgart. There I had this one big client in Tübingen. Walter Tools describes it self as follows:

Walter AG is one of the world’s leading metalworking companies. As provider of specialized machining solutions, Walter offers a wide range of precision tools for milling, turning, drilling and threading applications.

For me this app was a bit more than just an opportunity having designed an app that is helpful for engineers. It’s actually something useful. Turns out I love building useful stuff. Mostly because I happened to love using useful stuff as well.

Although this app is not beautiful designed it has 5000+ Downloads and the reviews are quite alright. This surprised me the most. It looks almost unfinished, like wireframes. But it does the job. It is fast in terms of loading times and you’ll get the information you were looking for.

This is basically how I strive to develop my designs in 2019. Make it useful. Everything else will follow.