The days before deep fake becomes a thing

Fakes of visual representations are not new. The first photo was faked 150 years before Photoshop existed. But the medium itself and how the fake is created has changed and certainly will have a huge impact on culture and society in general.

This post is insane

Reddit comments are often a great source of information. Even a small post from a random user can generate a wave of understanding for many other people reading the comments. When it comes to dystopian views, Reddit is also on the forefront in thinking and writing about a possible future scenarios. I like that very much. Since I joined the community some years ago it trained my creativity and I got a broader view of topics I am interested in.

What some people might scare is other peoples future dollar asset. The technology itself is already there. We already have seen some good and some bad created deep fakes.

“We’re entering an era in which our enemies can make anyone say anything at any point in time.”

What are the overall implications?

We dont know that yet. Just quickly thinking about the vast variety of possibilities: Obviously it will be porn that involves people who actually never did any nude videos and Politician saying things they have never said.