Walter Tools

Mobile App for calculating the  abrasion of boring equipment

Together with the extreme skilled Mathias Maciossek I created an great to use mobile application for Walter Tools. The goal of this app is to optimizing usable life of cemented carbide cutting tools via wear identification.

Since this app was built from scratch we had to make sure we are meeting all the requirements. This was only possible by visiting the beautiful city of Tübingen and meet the Walter Tools people in person.

There we had a great Co-Creation Workshop to make sure everyone is on the same page with the development of the app.

I simply love it when we have a good amount of information and insights to start the actual process of designing and developing. This is probably the most fun part in being a designer. Creating a whole new app from start to finish makes me a happy boy. Seriously!


This application made it through several reviews and technical difficulties to eventually landing in the App Store, Play Store and Windows.. eh Store(?): Outside World Link