The US Navy and its (very serious) interface problem

There is this article that popped up in every major tech blog recently. It says: “The US Navy will replace its touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers”.


A quick summary: Navy personell has hard times using the interface of their destroyers. They even had an accident that caused fatalities because of it.


The NTSB report

It can have many reasons why that is. Personell is not well trained, interface surely sucks or whatever. But changing the interface completely to a physical one like they have proposed is in my opinion not the solution they may looking for.

We’re already in the contracting process, and it’s going to come

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The days before deep fake becomes a thing

Fakes of visual representations are not new. The first photo was faked 150 years before Photoshop existed. But the medium itself and how the fake is created has changed and certainly will have a huge impact on culture and society in general.

This post is insane

Reddit comments are often a great source of information. Even a small post from a random user can generate a wave of understanding for many other people reading the comments. When it comes to dystopian views, Reddit is also on the forefront in thinking and writing about a possible future scenarios. I like that very much. Since I joined the community some years ago it trained my creativity and I got a broader … Read entry

“Some people who rented vehicles never actually drove them”

I love everything about this story!

Car-sharing service operator Orix Auto Corp. couldn’t figure out what certain customers were doing with its rental cars. The service, with 230,000 registered users, realized around summer 2018 that some people who rented vehicles never actually drove them.

Turns out they use it for everything but driving!

“Usually the only place I can take a nap while visiting my clients is a cybercafe in front of the station, but renting a car to sleep in is just a few hundred yen (several dollars), almost the same as staying in the cybercafe.”

Rental car customer

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Software > hardware

If we ever thought about it as a race, it seems that software is going to win the race. For now. See, hardware has tough constraints. It’s limited by some fundamental physical laws and as long we all dont have quantum computer technology in our smartphones we have to figure out ways to improve the overall usability. This is where software comes into play. We do not face  constraints (beside ethical maybe) in order to overcome issues. 

Regarding the issue of the eye contact while video chatting with a smartphone: there are basically two ways to overcome this: First would be the hardware way: selfie camera hidden beneath the phone display. Oppo and Xiamo are already doing that (you are … Read entry

Tired of talking?

Telepathic communication might be one step closer to reality thanks to new research from the University of Washington. A team created a method that allows three people to work together to solve a problem using only their minds.

“We wanted to know if a group of people could collaborate using only their brains. That’s how we came up with the idea of BrainNet: where two people help a third person solve a task.”

corresponding author Rajesh Rao
Mark Stone/University of Washington

Communicating with other humans had a massive impact on the overall evolution of our species. Not only did we learned to draw abstract figures into the walls of our caves and created a memory system through this. We also … Read entry

Be agile, my friend

My workplace has this thing going on. Many of my colleagues are highly agile. They train others to be agile. Some of my colleagues are certified agile coaches. Scrum, lean, Kanban. The list of methods goes on. What looks like I’m trying to make my Blogpost more SEO friendly is in all honesty an approach to understand. I’d like to answer the question: Why aren’t we that lean in our daily basis? Let me explain..

Facebook has become a total shitshow. Everyone is aware of that. Everyone knows about at least one huge problem Facebook (and other social media websites) has. Data breaches, selling personal data to external companies, fuelling anti-human discussion styles and many other big problems. … Read entry

That App from 2014

Yesterday night I got bored. It was a Sunday. My Wife and Son were already sleeping. TV was not an option since the next episode of Star Trek Discovery only airs on Fridays. My current book was out of reach (bedroom). What else to do? I recently got myself a new phone (Huawei P20 if anyone needs to know) and since then I strive to make that thing my own by installing apps and fiddling with the UI. Perfect situation for again checking if my phone has all the apps I definitely don’t need in a trillion years. Browsing the Google Play Store I stumbled across the Walter Wear Optimization App. It’s an

“Application for optimising usable life of cemented

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App Idea #214

People love complaining. People also love being heard and valued.

Complaim (aiming a complaint) provides a service and a platform where users can complain about basically everything. Experiencing a bad service at a coffee shop, having trouble with the vacuum cleaner or noticing tiny design flaws which make a product less useful? With upvotes from other users your complaints can make a big impact and reach the right people. We are also inviting companies to centralising their complaint management and therefore being much closer to their customers.


In order to provide a reliable platform where many different user roles meets we need to make sure the technology behind all is in a solid state. Working with latest technology is … Read entry

Fiddling with a Chatbot interface

First things first: The whole topic of chatbots in general already has a beard and in my opinion it was never worth the hype it initially generated.. But I came across a case where I think a chatbot can be helpful. Or at least supports me for prototyping purposes.

Let’s get started. First I googled for slim open source chatbots with a good to read documentation and a big community which continuously backs the project.

Eventually I have found Botpress. It looked quite alright for my purpose so I gave it a try. There are many pros I’d like to quickly discuss at this point. First it uses (and of course installs) a relatively lightweight node bundle. Secondly you … Read entry

Flat Design vs Traditional Design: Comparative Experimental Study

Who could have known? A study from 2015 is making it once again into news. Which is completely alright. Because it teaches us an important lesson.

Since 2 years now I am a regular reader of subreddits like /r/UXdesign and /r/UIdesign and such. For me the Reddit community is the most important source of informations on the web. Especially when it comes to specific content Reddit holds up pretty well. There quite exotic subreddits like /r/powerwasherporn or /r/retrolibrarymusic I enjoy reading on a daily basis. The Reddit design community grows bigger every day and builds the ground for useful information on recent development regarding every aspect around UX/UI Design, Psychology and everything around these topics.

This article shows the results … Read entry

Building a fully functional Prototype in 24h

Sensing particulate matter where it really matters.

Some background

Ben and I have developed a prototype that measures distance with a simple Arduino platform distance sensor. The data then gets uploaded to a TTNbackend via the LoRa protocol. Through a Node.js API we make use of the data by simply displaying a SVG that changes its state when the distance changes. This happens in real time and is mobile. We attached a 9v power source to this setup and took it for a walk. Because of our TTN gateway we placed at the window the coverage of the LoRaWAN is good enough to have a stable upload while moving many kilometers away from our gateway.

Developing Environment

code snippet from
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Book Review: The Calm Company

A few weeks ago the new book “It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work” from the founders of 37Signals (which is now Basecamp) Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson got published. It is the fourth book, after their latest releases: Rework, Remote and Getting Real. Since the community has anticipated it for quite a while now the expectations were high. Quick recap: it’s great!

“It begins with this idea: Your company is a product.”

This book does not work as a manual how to structure and lead a company. The idea behind it all is to show how Jason and David built their company and are running it since then. The readers can learn about the unconventional company culture … Read entry