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Convince your boss

There is this conference called Industry. Its a conference for software product managers. Topics are ranging from building viral products to How To Make Product & Tech Strategy Compelling For Your Organisation. See the full agenda.

Sounds cool? Well it definitely sounds like your could learn something useful for your own company. The speakers are professionals from high ranking companies and their know what they’re talking about.

Convince your boss

The conference website has this section called convince you boss. The header image are grim looking eyes, like you may would depict someone else’ boss.

You know that attending INDUSTRY will be a hugely impactful and valuable experience, but that doesn’t mean the boss won’t need convincing. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Check out this editable email template that will help you communicate with your boss the benefits of attending.

They provide an email template in order to convince “the boss” to pay for the visit of this conference and of course the stay at a hotel and all the other travel expenses. TNW Conference also has this thing going on. “How to trick you boss into sending you to TNW2020”.

Seeking knowledge should not be a challenge that employees has to overcome

A quick thought experiment: You are kneeing before your boss in order to ask him or her to gain deeper knowledge about your own field of expertise. Does that make you feel good? Does it feel right? Convincing your boss to attend a conference which probably helps you to gain knowledge that eventually influences your overall work. I think that is crazy. Think about that for a moment.

Is you company ready for the changes that you will learn about at this conferences, when even employees seeking new knowledge already can be an issue?

I can find that stupid as hell but for many people this is the reality. People need to ask for permission to gain knowledge. Conferences are expensive as fuck. That is for sure. BUT. On the long run, an uninspired employee without future proof knowledge is way more expensive.

Feature Image by Roberto Delgado