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Make Time

Last night, after 2 weeks of reading and reflecting, I have finished my second book this year: Make Time. It was written by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. (You also may know: SPRINT)


Both are super eager to manage their valuable time. This comes at no surprise since both have worked with Google and other tech companies, where being on a constant high focus level and at the same time also managing family and life in general requires at least some sort of time managing approach. They have found an approach and wrote a book. (This book is a well edited summary of many blog posts their have written over time)

The process

First of all: this book is fun to read. It’s not that they only give valuable infos on how to do daily focus. They also structured the information in an easy digestible way. For starters the overall structure is quite easy to grasp. They boil it down to: Highlight, Laser and Reflect. To make Laser even more laser they added Energize.

They say by finding and taking the time for that one highlight a day you’ll accomplish at least one important thing. This will create a space for things that matter. Everything else is just noise. This book gives great tips on how to focus on your highlights, staying energized during your tasks and reflect on you day in a simple scientific manner. (making assumptions, collecting data, formulating theories).


I highly suggest reading this book. It’s not only for super busy or just tech people. I think everybody can at least learn something on how to deal with your everyday tasks a bit more effectively.

Process Image taken from the book Make Time